Wiggles - a strategic-construction game with horrible dwarfs, delicious hamsters and other Underworld's riff-raff...
Background story

Odin chose the dwarfs' clan of the player to find their long and arduous way through to the Underworld. Arriving at the centre of the Earth, he will meet the hellhound Fenris who is terrorizing the Underworld. He has to be chained up and made harmless.

The journey lasts many generations, birth and death, work and leisure, technological progress and bloody fights will determine the dwarfs' lives, until the aim is reached...

Game events

In the huge Underworld with no defined levels are hidden not only treasures and raw materials, but also dangers, such as cruel trolls, furious dragons and boiling lava lakes. The player has to prepare his dwarfs to that, by teaching them how to forge weapons, cook mushrooms, breed hamsters, make tools and invent machines. But life goes on, and the dwarfs don't want only to work, but also to have free time, when they can sleep, eat, go to the pub or look for their future wife or husband. Since an important element is the engendering of young people, so that they can protect the survival of the clan. Part of the parents' skills will be transmitted to the dwarfs-kids. This way, the player can breed himself a clan of architects, fighters and inventors, where every single dwarf is virtually irreplaceable.


The player's dwarfs clan is not the only one on the way to Fenris. Other enemies dwarfs also strive, to get hold of glory, honour and rewards. That means the player doesn't have to fight only against the dangers of the Underworld, but also against other clans. Anyway, he can not dare try the last fight until his dwarfs are trained enough. With trick and fight experience he is able to chain up Fenris and bring him back to Walhalla.

  • Independent, rather cool main characters, are hard workers and rebellious
  • 4 different clans of dwarfs altogether
  • 9 completely different characters, from awful to lovely
  • Huge dynamic Underworld without defined levels with caverns. Real physical risk : danger of collapse
  • A big main quest with 24 supplementary missions integrated into the story
  • Construction : over 30 production centres, over 20 tools, 7 raw materials and service
  • Fight : 10 kind of weapons and 4 different fighting skills (incl. karate, taekwon do, a.o.)
  • Dwarfs' varied day : digging in mornings, bowling in evenings (almost 100 different activities for work and leisure time)
  • Construction of an intelligent dynasty of dwarfs through reproduction and passing on of characteristics
  • Unusual perspectives, close to voyeurism of the characters
  • 3D-engines and objects
  • Swivelling camera and zoom that don't miss any angle of the cavern
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