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Thomas Langhanki

  • founder and art director
  • graduate in animation
  • date of birth ´72
  • from Potsdam

Thomas 'it's not ready yet' Langhanki. This name says it all, really. So it is quite astonishing that he already managed to finish the development of some games. Games that nobody remembers…well, maybe Jan does. His first game 'Pizza Connection' is a peace of classic today. Thomas 'Sandman' has been creating games since he was able to reach the keyboard, that must have been in 1989. As project manager he has been realizing own projects and concepts since 1991. Today Thomas is the Lead Game Designer and art director at SEK and besides that he studied animation at the Filmhochschule Babelsberg. Surprisingly and completely against his habits he finished his studies as one of the first. We suppose because he was forced to sing in the qualifying examination, which caused a deep and long-lasting distraction. Thomas' way of relaxation is to cook wherefore the SEK is equipped with a huge kitchen. There you can find Thomas deeply in conversation with Christoph and nobody would guess that they're just talking about cooking recipes.

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