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Steffen Priebus

  • level designer
  • date of birth ´71
  • from Potsdam

Steffen 'Bad Gun' has some problems to keep his feet on the ground. That's why he does strange things likes ultralight flying or meeting up with other light flyers (or better crazy people?), diving, climbing, playing 'IL-2 Sturmovik', 'WarBirds', 'Falcon 4', 'RedBaron'…Deep inside he still hopes that the SEK will ,some day , develop a flight simulator. Well that's as unlikely as palm trees starting to grow at the north pole. Alternatively he's about to get his flying instructor's licence so that he can become the leader of our aircraft squadron. Sounds quite uplifted. In real life Steffen is head of the level design department, so he is down-to-earth. He assisted the whole production of 'Wiggles' (Diggles) and before that he was one of the level designers of 'Urban Assault'.

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