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Marko Schrenker

  • programmer - graduate in informatics
  • date of birth ´75
  • from Berlin

Two main obsessions determine his life apart from his fiancée. The first is role playing (from pen & papers to Ultima) the second is orientation walk. Everyone who doesn't know what that is - and that would be all of you - can have some insider information Kaulsdorfer Orientierungs- und Laufverein. By the way during his walks through wild forests he is never afraid of wild boars. He swears it at any time. A tough guy like Marko was at the paratroopers even if he only made it to a wireless operator because he can't stand the sight of blood (especially his own) and he gets sick from shooters. Anyway he is more interested in chatting than in shooting and he wrote a chatterbot for his dissertation. In our programming section Marko "Minsky" is - how surprisingly - responsible for the communication AI.

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