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Marco Röth

  • animator
  • date of birth ´76
  • from Brandenburg

You won't believe that Marco is from Brandenburg (city), if you hear him chatting in that northern slang with Boris P. Actually he was just born in Brandenburg and grew up, went to school and university in Brandenburg. He was influenced by the years of intensive work in Hamburg. Among other things he worked on the same "Ärzte" video as Bettina, which both didn't know about. The best thing about that was to be invited by the Ärzte to a Currywurst. Marco finished his study of digital media, but one thing is missing to make his academic luck complete and that would be to graduate. Because of some strange points in the exam regulations he doesn't have to hurry, 3 years have already passed by until now. But more important to him is animation which he is studying at the HFF (as an observer) and at home with more than 200 DVD's. Except for the same language and the fact that they're sitting right beside each other they have, culturally seen, little in common. Marco is a jogger (ok, only when the weather is good), he plays soccer and basketball and to top this he plays "Preussen Electro" in Hamburg and electronic dance music - techno - in Berlin.

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