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Jasmin Kassner

  • programmer
  • date of birth '68
  • from Berlin

Jasmin’s life is simply too boring to speak of. That’s why she is really proud to be with SEK now.

What should we make of it that she’s been living in London for 10 years and in California for 3 years (she lived in that blue house at the pier in St. Monica). That is a piece of cake for a real Berliner. And she’s never done something proper. Well, ok she is a baker and confectioner by trade - that is something proper. Then she went to the dogs and earned her money with wrestling, in fact mud-wrestling. Ok, Jasmin alleges that it was just one time that she mud-wrestled for money against a certain Venus Delight from Las Vegas. But that particular fight was broadcasted on German telly, though everybody claims not to watch Peep! They all have accidentally seen her during zapping…etc. By the way I don’t know who won the fight because I did not see it.

Jasmin’s version is that she has made good money with sports like wrestling, body building, climbing, surfing, skubadiving and skydiving. Then she wanted to make her hobby her profession and became a programmer. So we’re back to SEK. She still gets up at 4:30 am (that baker thing you remember?) to play Ultima online for 1 hour before work. At the same time she’s watching golf matches via live satellite coverages. She also loves to read a book every now and then…about theoretical physics, astronomy or religion. She read the Old and New Testament as well as the Koran. Or she’s cuddling with her little girl, a baby boa - length 1,40m, cute isn’t it? This baby is called “Schlange” (snake) and doesn’t like hamsters for food (what might surprise Diggles buyers). Now “Schlange” has a little fury pal and Jasmin more roommates.

So everything is absolutely nerdy. Once a year she has to go sandsurfing in the United Arab Emirates. Anybody who hasn’t a clue what I’m talking about? Here a short explanation: Sandsurfing is when you get pulled up a sandhill with the help of buggies (50 degrees in shade) to surf down the hill on a board as acrobatically as possible. But we forbid her to do anything like that.

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