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Programming and Script Programming:
Level design:

Jan Neugebauer

  • script programmer
  • date of birth ´77
  • from Vetschau

One day Jan 'Lowtec' rings our bell and shoved us his demo CD under our noses. I would say that was 'right man at right time'. But please don't do that, because normally we can't stand this and react touchy like Leela to Fry. By the way, Jan thinks Leela is sweet, whether because of her colour or her eye nobody knows. More than Leela Jan loves his car, an old boneshaker with an indefinable colour but love is blind. Apropos, how would you call it if someone keeps on playing C64 games and Manfred Tenz is his idol? Luckily in 1985 he finished his criminal career, reaching from profligacy to theft of a 'Luna' bar (sweet in the former GDR) in a so called konsum (a store in the GDR). At SEK he is not only in the level design team but also webmaster of this site according to his motto: 'Wer andern eine Bratwurst braet, der hat ein Bratwurstbratgeraet.' That means something like this: If you grill a sausage for someone than you must have a grill, this doesn't work in English ha ha.

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