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Programming and Script Programming:
Level design:
Marketing&Communications Manager:

Ingo Neumann

  • founder and technical director
  • date of birth ´72
  • from Berlin

Ingo 'Crux' is our music master. His huge repertoire consists of music for any weird occasion. Even the latest CD of the pioneer choir 'Fröhlich sein und Singen' (Be happy and sing) from the Central House of the Jungen Pioniere (political organization in the former GDR similar to the Boy Scouts) is played without mercy. But mostly Ingo pleases us with hiphopjazz. So, unless he is the DJ at one of our parties, Ingo is the technical director which means that he keeps everything in operation. Actually, his passion has been 3D graphics since 1993 but he hardly finds time for that. Since then he is famous for his shapely and low-poly models. Furthermore there is no animation movie Ingo doesn't know by heart. But Ingo loves all movies (I mean ALL!), as well as the complete work from the artist GIGER, soft toys made by his sister, all other toys, drinking beer and smoking (to a certain limit) and parties (without a limit).

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