Manager of the "Kombinat":
Programming and Script Programming:
Level design:

Frank Hentschel

  • level designer
  • date of birth ´71
  • from Potsdam

Actually Frank has been involved in game developing for a long time because he made his debut as a level designer during "Pizza Connection" times. In between he started to study informatics because he wanted to do something proper/real. But shortly after he quit because it wasn't related to practice (to be precise - game related). But except of this game addicted excursion he is the perfect son-in-law. Born in Saxony, he and his parents moved to Potsdam 30 years ago, where he is still living - meanwhile together with his fiancée. As a real family guy he loves festivities on the occasion of family parties at which you can hear singing and violin playing. But let's keep this quiet. He himself prefers to speak about his past as a competitive athlete, which hit the peak with a school record in long jump (4,60m). He is still in the school's "Hall of Fame" what actually doesn't say much for his school. Well, nowadays he's got other highscores.

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