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Programming and Script Programming:
Level design:
Marketing&Communications Manager:

David Fraaß

  • graphic artist, trainee
  • date of birth ´80
  • from Rostock

David has been applying over and over again for one year to get a job with us at SEK with no luck. The only qualification he states is that he is a huge Wiggles fan. Well, there are a lot. And we ignore him over and over again until he disclosed some dazzling details about his family. Everyone growing up with artists, sailors and hunters (the Royal Fraaß ?) has definitely better chances to get a job than someone growing up with insurance agents (watch out internal joke). Now our team consists of a graphic artist who doesn't like pizza. If this made any harm to his growth can be seen on David private. Along with his early passion for computers (where does this come from?) his life consists so far of LAN parties, clubs, drum & bass, bicycle trials, waterball etc. This has to end because David starts an in-firm training as a digital media designer on August 02.

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