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Carsten Orthbandt

  • founder and development director
  • date of birth ´73
  • from Berlin

'I'm no vegetarian I simply don't eat any meat', as Carsten goes and puts another piece of cheese on top of his pizza. The only thing Carsten doesn't like about pizzas is that they're round (obviously an unbearable thing for programmers). 'Hudi' has been programming since he was a child which ended, if you can say that, with the ZX81. Since 1994 he's been programming games and since then he's been working together with the two other founders Thomas and Ingo. Meanwhile he carries his programming skills too far in that he reads Martin Heidegger for inspiration. If that's too freaky you can play Counterstrike, Doppelkopf or football with him. He also has a talent of inflicting injuries on himself especially when playing football. At SEK Carsten leads the programming department. And so his journey through life could have been so remarkably straight unless he had … back in time in the 8th grade … the thing with the tutu. Why did he have to performe 'Swan Lake' in front of all people?

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