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Carolin Batke

  • founder and managing director
  • graduate in theatre and event engineering,
  • date of birth ´62
  • from Cologne

Well, it's correct to say that Carolin 'Niniri' is old but that wouldn't be a very nice thing to say. We used to say that she 'doesn't look her age', which is not quite the same but saying it that way sounds much better. Carnival and Kölsch beer (see origin) are Carolin's other favourite activities. And with respect to the Prussian discipline in SEK it's like fighting alone against windmills. She studied theatre and event engineering and has been dealing in this regard with computer graphics since 1990. In 1996 she met the other 3 SEK founders and thus the right path. Besides financial management, human resource, internal and external affairs Carolin can follow her favourite pastime in SEK - eating - good and plenty.

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