Manager of the "Kombinat":
Programming and Script Programming:
Level design:

Boris Munser

  • 2D graphics artist
  • date of birth '63
  • from Bavaria

Boris is just as old as Carolin; almost an old man. After his study of Visual Communication he has worked as a graphic artist in the advertisement branch for 10 years. In fact, his secret love has always been game developing, working on mods in his spare time. You can see the results on his website. As luck would have it he met some SEK members at a party who saw his talent (btw. you meet SEK people at every party). They quickly made up the plan to exploit that talent for base motives. Boris' pseudo resistance was useless anyway. Now he is chained to the desk and produces great textures. The art design of this website is also his work. In his short spare time he is forced to play billiard and adventures with other SEK members. That happens when you decide to move from Bavaria to Prussia...

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