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Boris Patschull

  • 2D graphics artist, graduate communications design
  • date of birth '75
  • from Hamburg

Boris "Bebob" Patschull is a purist. Maybe because he's from Hamburg? Well, he says his only hobby is listening to music but only to American political punk rock. Asking him about his opinion about the current American policy will get you the answer: " I think it is totally dumb". Well, nobody can say that the youth isn't able to give sophisticated statements. Along with this one-sided attitude he hates sport (luck for him; see the list of irrational injured people in SEK!), whereas each movement - which isn't intended to get some beer out of the fridge - is already some kind of sport. This puristic attitude also comprises his view about his job as a digital artist. He used to draw with the mouse until he came to SEK, where we forced him to use a drawing tablet, though he still regards this as late capitalistic decadence. Knowing this information he is a bit embarrassed because he finished the study of communications design. And then he even won the Animago Award! However, we are really proud of him. :-)

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