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Bettina Grünefeldt

  • graduate in animation
  • date of birth '69
  • from Oldenburg

Everyone wanting to get slapped in the face just has to call her 'Animateuse' (there are some people who like that, I mean the slapping thing). She is absolutely into the movies especially animation movies which results in very long Oscar nights. Then she polishes off one or more 'steife Grog' which is a must for real northern lassies like Bettina. During her study of animation at the Filmhochschule Potsdam she has worked on projects like 'Mach dich zur Schnecke', 'Piano forte', a music video for 'Die Ärzte' and many more. Bettina has been a member of the team since 1999 and is head of animation in the royal character animation.

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