Manager of the "Kombinat":
Programming and Script Programming:
Level design:

Andrej Treskow

  • programmer
  • date of birth ´73
  • from Kazakhstan

Andrej is from Kazakhstan. He is so to speak a "real Russian guy" and this information was enough to become a member of our team. As soon as he showed us his reproduction of Tetris we were absolutely convinced. Weeks later he admitted that he had dealt with programming just for 6 months at that time, a fact we wouldn't have realised. Before his career as a programmer he worked as a panel beater, electrician, carpenter, wireless operator and very likely for the Mafia as well. Now the only thing he wants to do is programming. He even involves his 6 year old son and forces him with the threat of the most awful Russian compulsory measures to test the Wiggles, again and again and again and child labour.

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