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Yep, on goes the preview show!

The mysterious legion of ninja monkeys sends word that Sunflowers' and SEK's Paraworld tour through Europe has been completed successfully. No one got injured, no one's missing. Even the secret meeting with the nebulous kung-fu moongoose squad led to satisfying results.

Anyway. The first previews are online already.

CVG played Paraworld and thinks...

If it lives up to its towering promise we could be in for one of the most satisfying RTS experiences since prehistoric times.

TotalFormat obviously is looking forward to Paraworld.
While we were sat discussing the game with Sunflower, Sek and Koch Media, we were able to see the game being played for quite a while, right from the starting point, through to full scale battles and we were privelidge to seeing a fair few things that we won't tell you about for now, but the fact that I know almost any RTS fan hardcore and otherwise will find these additions superb and well needed in the RTS genre which had been getting very samish of late and that this game really is set to break the mold and force the other RTS companies out there to rethink their strategy, I even got a 10 minute play of the game myself (feeling somewhat imtimidated though, that one of the guys who made the game and knew every pixel was sat less than a foot away from me) and I know that this game is right at the top of my list for games I have to have. Anyway, one of the little features that seriously had me twitching with excitment was the day night cycle in the game, real shadows, sleeping units, alternate monster during the night, to what you see during the day, it's that attention to detail that is going to make this game huge.

Jeux Video's take on the game:
"Dans Paraworld, la réflexion stratégique apparaît donc comme une démarche permanente et il y avait bien longtemps qu'on n'avait pas vu un jeu s'intéresser d'aussi près à la nature même des unités qu'on déplace sur le terrain."

And Jeux France concludes...
"Mélangeant habilement préhistoire, stratégie et puissance de feu, Paraworld pourrait bien créer la surprise lors de sa sortie. Les fans de RTS devraient y trouver un soft rafraîchissant, doté d’une réalisation propre et d’un gameplay simple et immersif."

Zuh? Well, there's always Babelfish for your translation needs.

Preview @ CVG
Preview @ TotalFormat
Preview @ Jeux Video
Preview @ Jeux France
The Wargamer also digs Paraworld

The strategy fans over at The Wargamer also got to play Paraworld just recently.

The result? A nice, extensive preview detailing their take on what they experienced as they made their way through one of the singleplayer levels. Here's a bit on the army controller.

The army controller pops up on the left side of the screen, and can be expanded and minimized with a simple mouse click. This controller also allows the player to select individual units, and groups of units, without having to click through what can often be a cluttered battlefield. One common complaint of RTS games is how difficult it can be to single out units in the midst of a battle to change their orders. Players often have to zoom into a very tight view to pick out a single unit when they need to change its orders; zooming to such a tight view sometimes causes players to lose sight of the wider battle at a critical juncture. Paraworld seems to have solved this problem by allowing the player to click on a single unit at any time without losing sight of the battle.
And the full article is just one click away: Paraworld preview @ The Wargamer.
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