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The Weekly Weather Forecast

And this week we're going to talk about zee contest prize, incredible details on our SEK-news and the weather forecast among other things.

How are these (absolutely delicious) SEK-updates created every week? Word on the street is that you're getting to see the result of an absolutely chaotic and uncoordinated effort, usually made and posted only a few minutes ahead of the deadline. True? See for yourself!

Monday, 9:00 AM: Meeting of the SEK-Update Committee (SEKUC) in order to debate the content for the update of the current week early enough. Taking into account and bringing it into line with the SEK-Update Longterm Strategy Paper (SEKULSP) as well as the Annual SEK Update Forecast Document (ASEKUpFoDo).

Tuesday, 2:00 PM: The SEK-Update Contributor Selection Board (SEKUConSelBo) sits down to choose the lucky ones from the large pool of people who volunteered to report from their work this week.

Tuesday, 4:00 PM: The SEK-Update Comfort Squad (SEKUComS) is in charge of taking care of the disappointed souls that did not get picked by the SEKUConSelBo this week due to lack of time and article space.

Wednesday, 1:37 PM: SEKUC and SEKUConSelBo coordinate their cooperation through the SEK-Update Cooperation Coordination Control Taskforce Member Board (SEKUCoopCoordTaMemBo). A basic article concept is being worked out together with the developers that got picked on the previous day.

Thursday, 3:00 PM: The local representative of the mysterious ninja monkey legion leaves the basement shortly and comes up to the office in order to proofread the article and give it the Official Ninja Monkey Seal of Approval (TM) in exchange for a banana plant.

Friday, 5:50 PM: The article is being posted. Overall, a process that couldn't have been more professional, thoughtful or planned.

[Note by the lawyer of the article author: "My client absolutely does not guarantee that the workflow described above partially or even remotely resembles the actual process at all."

Anything else of interest? The speech recording sessions in Los Angeles are over! And while our Resident SEK Representative (ReSEKRep) is taking a break and enjoying the sweet aroma of smog that makes the City of Angels so ... charming, we're already listening to the first set of samples that arrived in the past days. Due to the nature of it, we can't offer any excerpts online. Yet.

And then there was... oh right. Our cuddly picture contest, which is still up and running! Small reminder: it's possible to submit entries until October 27th (Thursday next week)! And the winner's going to get? This!

Not the girl. The poster! Le Tom risked his life by smuggling this one from Russia. Or so we've been told. Of course, it'll be signed by the whole team before being sent off to the lucky winner. A one-time chance to get the Paraworld flair - months ahead of the release of the game!

That said, make sure to participate in the contest as long as you can!

And now for something completely different - the SEK 7-Day Weather Forecast. It may or may not rain. Of course, it's entirely possible that the sun will shine at some point, too. In fact, we have no clue what the weather's going to be like. However, the week to come is likely to be ... eventful. *thrilling music playing in the background*

And that's it for now. Cheers!

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