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Featured this week: lots of photos, stories from Mother Russia and ... a contest-thingy ... or something.

The approximately 3 million regular readers of our updates already got to know this earlier: our dear Thomas travelled to Russia just recently. And along with many impressions he brought along some form of indigestion, thus having to spend a few days at home. But enough vacation anecdotes for now!

The Diskographia happens to be a regular event held by our Russian publishing partner Novui Disk in order to introduce and show upcoming games to the Russian press and retail representatives. And since Paraworld is one of the key titles in their line-up, le Tom himself jetted over to Moscow in order to demo the game and answer questions regarding the game.

And it surely was received very well, to say the least. Watch for the coverage in the coming issues. (That is, if you live there or have other ways to get ahold of Russian gaming mags.) A certain one will even feature a nice video interview with Thomas and some actual in-game footage. And in order to share some of the impressions Thomas made, we put up some photos Novui Disk provided. Of course, all that wouldn't have been necessary had a certain game designer - I'm not going to drop any names here, ahem - not forgotten his camera at home.

An other noteworthy experiences? Tom's attempt to emit mind waves (last photo) aside. Novui Disk organized a tour through Moscow. The locations that were visited included a very large, fascinating game bazaar as well as a city district resembling Las Vegas - featuring etablissements guarded by people armed with Kalashnikovs. (Thus, to quote Matthias Deutschmann, driving up Tom's blood pressure despite the Kalashnikov being designed to lower it.)

That's it for this week? Not at all. Nebulous sources close to the mysterious legion of ninja monkeys sent the following snapshot.

Proving what generations of scientists failed to show: hobbits dig standard donuts.

And, for a change, it's your turn now to be creative! What does the ambitious food killer with the psycho face expression say in this pic? (Alternatively, if you've got mad Photoshop skills, feel free to toy around with the original photo.)

Please send your entries to . Of course, you're allowed to contribute more than one picture. Submission deadline: October 27th. Is there a prize for the winner? Yes, but we'll elaborate on that next week. And should there be enough submissions, the SEK certainly won't mind trying to come up with some kind of community reward. We're already looking forward to check out whatever you send our way.

Once again last but not least: Team SEK is sending out greetings to its fellow member Ina, who currently is keeping the SEK flag flying over in Los Angeles where the speech recording sessions are being conducted. Here's to some more jetlag-induced fun at work! (And, well, hopefully some moments to relax.)


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