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Propaganda - Now with a Vengeance

You know the drill, it's that time of the week again, so here we go.

First things first.

Internet connection line dialing in progress, please wait...

What a lovely way to start into the wednesday morning. Of course, the internet connection dialing being in progress wasn't actually helpful as 'waiting' - surprisingly enough - did not fix the issue! One simply couldn't access the web. In other words - the internet had been cut off the SEK! (That's pretty much the only way to describe it, I swear.)

Looking at what the programmers have done among other things this week once could mention that they've been taking a close look at the unit behaviour, making sure that everything works the way the player expects it to. Of course, that wouldn't be as dramatic as the fact that Thomas H. knocked over his glass of lemonade on thursday morning at around 8:57 am. (Update: it's 7:10 pm and Mister H. "just got the last part of his desk - right under the screen - cleaned up!")

Nina, member of the animation squad, was busy managing the cam positioning in the main sequence in one of the singleplayer levels. The point that this particular map is loaded was all kind of objects didn't exactly speed up the process on her old rig as she had to render that scene again and again for tweaks. Karsten H. aka Smile Face spent his time animating the mouth of one of the main protagonists in cutscenes. Yes, you read that right.

Other elements to be 'work in progress': the slightly outdated team bio section on our website. Some of the articles have yet to be completed, others still need to be translated. The person to be in charge of that - a charming pal that immensely respected and popular among his co-workers (ahem) - is currently busy handling other things, but the content should be online sometime in the near future.

Last but definitely not least...

The current issue of the German magazine Insider features a cover story on ... *drumroll* Paraworld. The article author chatted with Tilman Sillescu and Pierre Langer of Dynamedion during their stay in Magdeburg/Germany. Where the Paraworld soundtrack was recorded by an orchester. So, if you know some German and want to learn more about the people responsible for the audio part of the game, you're not required to get ahold of the mag somewhere. The article is available right here!

Also, thanks to Carsten Borgmeier, who gave us the permission to scan the article and put it online without any kind of delay! That's it for this week. One of the topics we'll be covering soon: pics and information from Tom's trip to Russia.

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