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The Weekly Propaganda launches - an announcement to send shockwaves through the internet.

Except that nothing really changes at all and everything's the way it was before. Not that we registered that domain just for the fun of it though, we finally had a good reason to implement a script to detect the browser language settings and switch the default language to English. That said, if you used that overly long link to access the international version of our cuddly web presence directly, you may clean up your bookmark now!

One step closer to world domination...

... anyway.

What else is up at the news front? An amazing load of things ... we can't talk about yet. What we can talk about is that our graphics team is currently working on some assets for one of the settings. And our dear Neox is in charge of something that "is like totally ultra-secret". We wouldn't want to rule out that it'll be "like totally ultra-public" in the near future though. Level designer Benjamin lets us know that a piece he's responsible for has now been "restructured and is even more awesome than ever before!"

Last week we talked about the thrill induced by incredibly large spreadsheets. If you think that is exciting, you've obviously never watched a status bar while a sequence is being rendered. Not as sensational as copying a very large file - but close! And cheaper than a ride at the local theme park.


Getting the timing of the main cutscenes done was a crucial part since the motion capture sessions were done already earlier this year. The timing of the voice actors depends on what's going on in the scene in this case. Adapting the latter to the former would be more complicated at this point as you'd be required to re-do the motion capturing process. Sequences to be seen in the levels are less critical since they can and will be tweaked afterwards to match the audio data. Or so says Ina from the animation department.

Of course, the sequences being finalized - just btw. - means: we're ready for the voice recording session. Bring it on! Soon fellow representatives of the SEK and Sunflowers will be flying over to Los Angeles where the speech for the English version will be taped. And since there's quite a number of acknowledgements and dialogues to be uttered, the team will be spending no less than two weeks in the sound studio.

Well, that's it for now. Have a nice weekend, ladies and gentlemen! (Also, Lowtec's the one to own the "Greetings to my mom!"-slot this week.)

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