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... Thursday News!

A new Update! Hey, it's that time of the year again? Indeed! Incredibly amazing stories and stunning screenshots inclusive.

And what has been keeping the SEK pals busy in the past two weeks? Finalizing the texts and classification of the cut scenes since the voice recording sessions are approaching. This kind of job requires content, structure and lots of patience. No problem as our Excel-Fu is strong. In order to communicate an impression of the results of this overly exciting task, a sample screenshot shall be provided.


Due to security reasons we had to blur the picture as the sheer brilliance of
its content could blind the unprotected eye. (Even the people to proof-read and
translate the texts are required to wear special coolness-goggles (TM)). And
what's there (not) to be seen on this screenshot? It's an excerpt from the unit
acknowledgement listing. As you may guess, full spreadsheet is notably longer. And
since Paraworld isn't exactly a tiny project, the overall document takes up a load of these tables.


And this screenshot shows... coloured stuff!

Naturally, not every single member of the team is working on the acknowledgement and cutscene lists. Routine work like modelling and animating objects, testing levels, AI tuning, coffee brewing and training of the mysterious legion of ninja monkeys is going as always. (Also, a certain Julian S. sends out greetings to his mom. Done.)

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