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Time for the Usual Friday Update (TM)!

Except there's no such a thing like a regular Friday update. But that never keeps me from making up things on the spot.

So, what have the SEK pals been doing all week? (Wild orgies, daring car chases and teddy bear smuggling aside.)

Working on Paraworld.

Now that the big secret is out, a few details may not hurt. We're currently finalizing the screenplay and the in-game texts since the voice recordings will be done in the near future. Which is pretty exciting. Or so I've been told.

Also, the response to our little GC photo album was overwhelming. Due to the huge demand - thanks for your email, Bob - I'll add another piece to complete the feature.


It's an exclusive picture of the inside of a trouser pocket! Because that's where the camera went off accidently. And since nobody remembers what happened outside at that time, it's pretty ... mysterious. (Cue X-Files jingle.)

That said, have a nice weekend, ladies and gentlemen!

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