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Vacancies in the Paraworld team

We are about to finish PARAWORLD. That’s why we are looking for skilled and congenial collaboration for level designing, gameplay programming and testing.

Several years work experience is desirable for each job. Our requirements meet Paraworld’s high expectations since it is aiming at an international AAA title.

The vacancies are on an in-house freelance basis in Berlin restricted to the time of the project. Working for a longer period on a permanent basis could however also be possible.

Working languages are all German dialects and all accents (at the moment we have British, Danish, Russian, Austrian and Swiss accents). We would be happy to welcome new languages.

If you have the following required qualifications and want to seize the opportunity of working in an experienced and friendly team on a potential blockbuster, then send your application via e-mail to with your profile and your desired salary. Applications via mail are also welcome:

SEK GmbH, Ohlauerstr. 5-11, 10999 Berlin, GERMANY

Level Designer (m/f)

We are looking for a level designer for lay out, assembling and scripting of levels. Level editing as well as scripting language are in-house productions developed to the specifications for Paraworld. Besides lay out, you will also be responsible for scripting triggers and for the balancing in close cooperation with our QA department. Requirements are:

  • Proven experience in level design of strategy games, preferably in professional productions
  • Very good knowledge of strategy games
  • Knowledge of script languages
  • Experience in level editing of strategy games
  • Graphic talent for landscapes
  • Good communication ability and games enthusiast
Script Programmer (m/f)

To support our team of level designers we are looking for an experienced script programmer. You will be responsible for the gameplay and AI programming. You must be able to adapt to an extensive existing code, as well as a new script language, as we are working with an in-house development. As a link between the programmers and level designers we expect knowledge of both aspects of production.

  • Knowledge of different script languages
  • Knowledge of strategy games
  • Excellent communication ability and team spirit
Tester (m/f)

To assure our high quality standards our in-house QA team needs collaboration. Besides locating, isolating and relevant description of bugs you will be responsible for the gameplay testing and balancing in close cooperation with the level designers. Therefore our requirements are:

  • Relevant experience as a tester of computer games
  • Knowledge of bug tracking tools
  • Enthusiasm for strategy games
  • Private or professional experiences with online games
  • High degree of tenacity, follow-through and self-discipline
  • High quality speaking skills and ability to communicate
Yes, I do want to!

SEK is in permanent growth and expansion. If you have a clear idea of what you want, and if we are the aim of your desire, just the same as the games´industry - then do not hesitate in sending us a mail about your dreamjob. Maybe we are already waiting for you: Yes, I do want to!

I am dying to become a game developer...

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