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  •, May 2005:
    "...amazing big monsters ranging from huge Tyrannosaurs to Brachiosaurs with strapped gattling guns."
  •, May 2005:
    "we walked away convinced that this gorgeous strategy title could be a winner on every level"
  •, May 2005:
    "ParaWorld has a lot of style and craft going into it, and it looks like a great PC title for 2006."
  • Computer Bild Spiele, Issue 05/2005:
    "You’ve never seen a strategy game that looked so good." (p. 6)
  • PC Action, Issue 05/2005:
    "„ Everyone still thinking that dinosaurs are only for kids, should be surprised at the end of the year."
    "„ At our visit [...] we looked surprised as Sunflowers started the game. Such detailled graphics you only see in ego shooters." (p. 30)
  • PC Powerplay, Issue 04/2005:
    "The detailled landscapes and brilliant animated dinosaurs are a real eye candy." (p. 43)
  •, 6 April 2005:
    "The games’ graphics are really something to be proud of [...] I think "impressing" would be the proper word, because you won’t find anything better at present."
  •, 5 April 2005:
    "The quite unorthodox named 3D engine "PEST" creates pictures, you won’t find others like it in the world of strategy games at present."
  •, 4 April 2005:
    "...spectacular in-house development of the Berliner game developers...
    SEK-Ost keeps an eye on a lot of details and adds a proper amount of love to the game, as they already did with Diggles."
  •, 1 April 2005:
    "All in all a very promising egg which SEK Ost and Sunflowers are hatching."
  •, 15 March 2005:
    Interview with Paraworld producer Reinhard Doepfer
  •, 10 March 2005:
    Interview with Paraworld producer Reinhard Doepfer
  • GameStar, November 2003:
    - '…gigantic dinosaurs in epical battles - all wrapped up in the most beautiful graphic of this genre at present.'
    - 'This bombastic graphic just knocks me off my feet.'
  • Made possible by a sensational new 3D technology...
  • (german) Detailreichtum noch und nöcher...
  • (german) 4Players: interessante Alternative zum historischen Schlachteneinerlei
  • PC Games, August 2003:
    - 'Paraworld (w.t.) is simulating the technically most spectactular 3D strategy world at present.'
    - 'Chief attraction: Prehistoric giants such as brontosaurus, mammoth or tyrannosaurus are trudging and flying through the worlds and can be killed, cultured and used as war machinery. Seeing moving images of Paraworld it looks more excellent than its screenshots: figures, architecture, dinosaurs and landscapes are created with a lot of details and are smoothly animated.'
  • GameStar, August 2003:
    - 'At the E3 SEK's Paraworld (w.t.) was one of the big surprises. This real-time strategy game combines prehistoric flora and fauna with techniques and heroes from modern times.'
  • (german) Der Grafikhammer bekommt einen neuen Namen: Paraworld! Hier wird Grafik wird neu definiert!
  • MCV, July 2003:
    - 'The real-time strategy game developed by SEK is still nameless and has a breathtaking detailed zoomable 3D engine.'
  • PCGames, July 2003:
    - 'Fantasy meets Jurassic Park'
    - 'The setting is an incredibly detailed 3D parallel world, where you can build villages, breed and defeat excellent animated dinosaurs.'
  • GameStar July 2003:
    - Paraworld (working title) 'One of the biggest sensation of the convention (E3).'
  • (german) So lebensecht durch die frei zoom- und drehbare Spielwelt stapfende Dinos gab es auf dem PC noch nie.
  • (german) 4Players: ParaWorld - erste Bilder & Infos
  • (german) Gamestar: Die E3-Strategie-Sensation
  • (german) Geheimtipp – Neuer 3D-Strategie-Titel von Sunflowers
  • (german) Echtzeitstrategie-Titel mit bombiger Grafik
  • Good news from the German front !
  • (german) Sunflowers - Erste Infos zum Geheimprojekt!
  • (german) PCGames: Strategie-Hammer von SEK
  • (german) SEK's NoName Strategiehit
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