Fierce warriors command armend dinosaurs and other tremendous beasts

"Brave warriors command huge armed dinosaurs and other dangerous beasts in a wonderful primeval world full of danger."

PARAWORLD is a realtime strategy game that brings the player into a wild archaic world with gigantic dinosaurs.

This world is parallel to our world. But an archaic atmosphere prevails in this world, since it is ruled by warlike tribes and huge dinosaurs.

Riding powerful fighting dinosaurs at a dizzying height, your warriors will be leading them through a prehistoric world as breathtakingly beautiful as it is dangerous. Armed with devastating weapons and covered in fearsome war paint you will go to battle - leading your people into a fight to save the ParaWorld.

In 5 breathtakingly beautiful landscapes with different game conditions the PEST-engine will show the full spectrum of its high quality. The PEST-engine is an in-house development which allows the player to merge into amazingly detailed graphics.

The gameplay of PARAWORLD is based on classic RTS games combined with some new features. It consists of 80% fight and 20% build-up elements.

The player plays PARAWORLD by controlling his tribes and training them to fight and build. The three tribes distinguish themselves not only by their technology progress but also by their different behaviour with the fighting units depending on the way of play.

Each tribe will have at disposal 20 to 35 different types of units, such as fight-rhinos, steam boats, brachiosaur catapults, transport turtles, minefields, rocket boats, etc. Each unit has special abilities and fighting skills.

The prehistoric species have the leading role in PARAWORLD. They can be used not only as fighting units but also as raw material sources and can be hunted and domesticated. There are mountable and aquatic animals, big and small dinosaurs, sea turtles and fishes, armoured dinosaurs, horned saurians, Pterosaurs, feline predators, mammoths, wild boars, rhinos, insects, stags and…and…and.

In all there are 50 different kinds of prehistoric species, including 40 different types of dinosaurs.

With overall vision, the single player is lead through each scenario and the thrilling story with almost 70 movie-like sequences. Furthermore there are numerous multiplayer maps for up to 8 players.

PARAWORLD is coming in all its magnificence in the Winter of 2005, published by Sunflowers GmbH.

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